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KinCall Conferencing Service Helps Families Stay Connected During a Health Crisis


KinCall, a family conference call service, has been launched to connect families and relatives across the globe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of this threatening global health crisis, families had to maintain a safe distance from one another. Plans to visit grandparents over the weekend, go out for picnics, do barbecue days with relatives, or simply chill at a cousin’s place on a day-off had to be cancelled for the time being as part of the crisis’ safety precautions.

Despite knowing the importance of following these protocols, this kind of set-up has clearly hindered families and relatives from staying connected. This is especially hard during these times when all people want to do is stay close with their relatives where they get most of their strength from. And while this won’t go on forever, there is still no definite timeline when this all would end.

KinCall was developed to still allow families and relatives to come together and stay connected digitally in these trying times. KinCall started when founder Dave West invited his extended family to a conference call to talk about preparations, experiences, and feelings about the pandemic. Through this service, families can easily reach out and check in with their loved ones and at the same time keep them updated on how things are going on their end. Aside from that, they also get to celebrate, albeit digitally, special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or religious holidays with their extended families.

You just need to sign up and you will receive an email containing your KinCall ID, phone number and PIN combination, to share with your relatives so you can start calling them. There’s no need for you to download an application or a software. You don’t even need an internet connection to make it work. With a solution as easy and straightforward as this, adults who aren’t entirely tech savvy and even grandparents over 80 years old can participate in wholesome family conference calls that are secure and safe.

KinCall costs only 3¢/minute/person, up to a maximum of $10/per call.

KinCall offers an affordable family-friendly conference calling option to help loved ones connect with each other during the quarantine.

About KinCall: A Digital Family Conference Call Service

KinCall is a family conference call service developed to help families connect with each other during the quarantine period, at only 3¢/minute/person, up to a maximum of $10/per call. The pandemic has been driving families apart, but with this easy-to-use solution, every family member and relative has the chance to connect and comfort their loved ones. There is no need to download an application or a software. Instead, those who sign up for KinCall will receive a KinCall ID, phone number, and PIN. To learn more about KinCall, visit or email contact(at)kincall(dot)com.

Source: PRWeb